Pastoral, family support and safeguarding information.

Key Safeguarding Staff

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Jan McColl

Family Support Worker: Cheryl Ryder

Learning Mentor: Becky Millikin

Nurture Group / 1:1 Support: Rachel Southall, Bethryn Hanbury, Karen Christie

Pastoral and Family Support

Lord Scudamore Academy has a pastoral team led by Mrs McColl who is always happy to speak to you regarding any concerns you may have.

From time to time families may need extra support which schools’ are now able to provide.

You may feel that your child would benefit from extra pastoral support in school in the form of group work or 1:1 sessions. We can offer a variety of support in the form of nurture groups, social groups, 1:1 anger management, talking about feelings, bereavement support, self-esteem work to name a few. Our Learning Mentor and Nurture Group Teaching Assistants run these sessions and are familiar faces around the school who your children will know well. If you think your child would benefit from some extra support please speak to Mrs McColl or your child’s class teacher.

We have a Family Support Worker who can visit you at home if you wish and can offer support with behaviour, routines and boundaries, accessing other services, financial worries, housing concerns etc.

Safeguarding Information

We would also like to reassure you that we rarely share information with other agencies about your child without first speaking to you.

Even if we make the difficult decision that we need to speak to Social Care about your child we will always undertake to share our intention to do so with you unless we deem that to do so could put the child at greater risk of harm, or impede a criminal investigation.

We fully understand that this can be a very distressing set of circumstances but we can only reassure you that we follow the procedures required by Herefordshire Safeguarding Partnership.

Mrs McColl is the Designated Safeguarding Lead in school. Mrs Ryder, Mrs Millikin, Mrs Colledge, Mrs White, Mrs Wargen and Mrs Beecham are also trained to deal with any welfare issues in Mrs McColl’s absence.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs McColl should you have a worry or concern regarding a safeguarding issue.

Who Are We?

Jan McColl

Pastoral & Safeguarding Manager (DSL)

Manages safeguarding & pastoral care across the HMFA

Cheryl Ryder

Family Support Worker

Safeguarding level 5, Deputy Lead, teaching assistant level 3, Paediatric first aid, first aid at work.

Becky Millikin

Learning Mentor

Level 3 teaching assistant, Paediatric first aid

Rachel Southall

Nurture Group/1:1 support


Bethryn Hanbury

Nurture Group/1:1 support

Level 3 teaching assistant, Paediatric first aid

Karen Christie

Nurture Group/1:1 support

Level 3 teaching assistant, Paediatric first aid